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Mainstream Clean Eating

My Catey and her Berry Muffins
"Eat to live, don't live to eat." - Cicero

By now, many people have heard the term "clean eating" and may even know a few things about what that means.  Clean eating isn't about a radical lifestyle change (well, for some it may be vastly different from the fast food and overly-processed foods we eat all too often out of convenience, habit, and lack of perceived options) its a healthy way to live as individuals, as families and as healthy, connected communities.  It all starts at home.

Clean eating begins with selecting fresh, whole ingredients, I prefer locally grown and organic but I also find clever ways to make clean eating budget and kid friendly.  I have two daughters who will eat a salad from time to time, but like most kids can be picky and inconsistent as eaters. I've learned that by engaging them in every step of the process, they become more likely to eat the foods we select and then make together.  I make it fun and I teach them as we go.  They aren't being conditioned to a lifestyle, they are helping build it by my side.  I am teaching them a new culture of food... that appreciating the value and purpose of the food goes hand in hand with taste and enjoyment. They are empowered to make healthy decisions and we cook and bake together making memories, sharing quality time in the kitchen and around the table, and giving our bodies the fuel and nutrition it needs to help them grow strong and keep me healthy. 

I am always amazed at how many people assume clean eating is about salads and "rabbit food."  I eat pizza, have pastas, casseroles, pancakes, tacos, and treats.  My girls and I regularly bake muffins, bars, cookies and brownies.  Fruits and veggies, lean proteins, plenty of fiber and healthy fats become easy to manage when you learn how to incorporate them into your favorite recipes. 

My older daughter Taylor making pancakes
With some creativity, a few tricks (baby food and black beans are two of my favorites) and substitutions (you'll find that refined sugars and salt are easily replaced) you can enjoy all your favorite foods, they will be hearty and filling, will keep you from experiencing those afternoon sugar crashes, and will go a long way in preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a variety of other health issues. 

So stay tuned... lots of exciting things coming up including a cook book straight from my clean kitchen to yours!