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About Carrie

My name is Carrie Adams and I am a busy, working, mom of two girls, a writer, and an endurance athlete. 

Nutrition is one of the keys to keeping me going.  Keeping it Clean is a place to come to learn about clean eating and nutrition.  It's a place to find healthy and delicious recipes for you and your loved ones.  It's a place to be reminded that food, family, and good health are worth the investment of time and that it can taste as good as it feels.

I write recipes that have stories.  Stories that tell about what inspires the cooking, the meals, the foods I eat and feed my family and friends.  They are like photographs for me capturing something and preserving it forever. It's important to me that the soul of the food is felt and that the people who inspire them are acknowledged. 

Whole, fresh, delicious ingredients are such a small part of the equation... the recipes are born in a moment in a story, in a relationship with the people I love in my life.  That's why all my recipes have such crazy names - Catey Baby Berry Muffins, Kick you in the Face PancakesLafawnduh Peanut Butter Cookie BallsHouston's Honey Teriyaki KabobsCasey's No Pain Novocaine Chicken Chili...

I focus on mainstream clean eating for families, budget conscious, and active people who don't always have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen but still want healthy lives for themselves and their loved ones.  Eating healthy is a way of life and it's not a "fad diet."  I'll teach you how to incorporate the basics so that it works for you and your goals and tastes. 

That's a recipe for success!

I am the editor and main content manager for Spartan Race - Spartan Race.
I began the Spartan Chicked Campaign and blog for that site - Spartan Chicked.
I talk about my endurance training on my sister site - Leaving a Path. 
I talk about my running famly on our blog - The Mud Mafia.