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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nutrition when Preparing for an Ironman

196609837v2_225x225_FrontSome of our readers are triathletes and the ultimate in the sport for many is the Ironman.  Nutrition can play a big part of how you manage your calories and how you maintain energy, fat stores, fuel, and hydration.  So here’s a good plan for two weeks out if you want to keep with your Glycemic Index and get your body ready for race day.  In our next post, we’ll cover actual race nutrition.  Here’s how you can get to the start line. 
The Next Two Weeks: The Glycemic Index is your new best friend
· No alcohol
· Incorporate as much raw food as possible
· Avoid/eliminate dairy
· 3 L of water a day
· 5 smaller meals a day
· Your food should come from the Low/Medium Glycemic Index. Avoid *high in empty calories * Strive for more *low-calorie and nutritious foods* on the lists below.
· Low -
· Medium -